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How to Understand Organizations Scores

Table of Contents

1. How to understand your organisation scores?

Deepler takes your employee’s feedback and turns them into scores for you to quickly understand where areas of improvement lie within your organisation. 

Understanding general Organisation Scores

Deepler explore dashboard main meter

A general overview of the total sum of these scores for your organization is shown on your Deepler dashboard or employee dashboard on the main meter. You can also get a general sense of which pillars have the most positive or negative scores. 

2. How to understand the Deepler Pillars?

Dashboard pillars module support

These scores are separated into Deepler’s 6 pillars: people, product, finance, process, sustainability and strategy.

Pillar Overview

Dashboard pillars highlight general

Switching your focus to the pillars breakdown on the right of your Deepler dashboard, you can see the score for that pillar in percentages. 

Drilling down on Deepler Pillar's

You will see their variable scores by clicking on the Pillar you want to learn more about. Learn more about the aspects by clicking the ‘info’ icon. 

Underlying Aspects: 'What you want', 'what to do' & 'how to do it' variables

These pillars are then broken down into 3-5 ‘what you want’ variables that affect the overall score. By clicking the ‘underlying aspects’ button, you will get a short overview of the variables underlying variables or ‘what to do’ variables. ‘What to do’ variables scores also affect the pillar overall. The variable of which you can start improvement projects or ‘how to do it’ variables are where your organisation’s specific areas of improvement lie.

You can drill down this way to get to the aspect on which you may want to start an improvement project. 

3. How to understand your employee engagement scores?

On your ‘Data explorer’ or dashboard there are modules on the bottom left that are referred to as ‘survey engagement and ‘scoreboard’. These show you the percentage of employees that have completed your organisation’s weekly surveys and which segments are ­answering the most

You can learn more about the survey engagement module by clicking the button below